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BMS Telecorp

Case Study - BMS

IPscape supports BMS Telecorp’s rapid market growth

The Business

BMS Telecorp are one of Australia’s leading contact centre outsourcers based in Richmond, Victoria. BMS have developed a state of the art contact centre facility with a strong focus on quality agents and multi-channel campaign execution e.g. outbound, inbound, web chat, SMS, MMS, database services, data analytics, mobile marketing, email marketing, database management and Consulting. In less than 3 years BMS has grown from 80 to 500 seats and today has a reputation for delivering premium ‘onshore’ outsourcing services.

The Challenge

With ambitious growth plans within Australia, BMS required a scalable, cost effective technology platform that also offered feature-rich functionality and greater business control. The existing on-premise technology solution was feature rich, but was expensive and did not give BMS the flexibility to grow technology costs in line with business growth. The solution was also capex heavy and did not allow the business to make real-time changes to the software without significant additional cost.

The Solution

A competitive market tender saw IPscape’s solution prevail and a new business partnership was formed. Not only does the IPscape True Cloud solution provide a rich set of features, its contract terms enable a “Pay As You Go” facility. This enables BMS to rapidly increase volumes and staffing when it wins new business, without any prohibitive up-front costs. BMS can also make real-time changes to customer campaigns without the need for 3rd Party services – this has reduced cost and improved speed to market. From a service and support perspective BMS has the peace of mind of working with a like-minded, innovative Australian company with IPscape’s 24-7 customer support and R&D operations in-country.

The Business Results

One of the most exciting benefits of the IPscape technology is the ability to support fast growing businesses by removing the barriers associated with traditional IT purchasing and deployment models. The BMS business has grown rapidly from 80 to 500 agent seats and now delivers services to some of the world’s largest blue chip companies and Government departments. The scalability, agility and usage-based pricing of the IPscape technology have been key factors in this continued success. When BMS Telecorp recently moved offices the cost of the move from a technology perspective was almost zero – again reinforcing the value of public cloud agility to fast growing businesses. The partnership has been so successful, BMS Managing Director Andrew Brydon recently announced the two companies have commenced business development together.

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