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Our customers tell us that SaaS is not just a new technology model – it’s a new more agile, more efficient way of working. And the benefits for contact centres and customer service teams have never been clearer.

In their recent 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report, Dimension Data noted that >60% of businesses using cloud contact centre solutions believe it has driven greater access to new features, improved agility and greater flexibility. And over 50% say it has reduced costs and improved overall speed to market.

Everyone managing or working in the Contact Centre benefits from SaaS:

  • CEOs and Business owners can concentrate on growing revenues and not worry about technology
  • Customer Service Directors have real time control and real time insight
  • CFOs have the peace of mind that costs scale with revenue growth
  • Agents get the right tools to their job

The pay-as-you-go model was incredibly attractive to us. We now have a powerful and scalable contact centre that is also incredibly cost efficient.

Angela Forrester
Ask ACU Project Manager

ipSCAPE helped us develop a truly scalable customer service model. If demand increases in one area of our business, ipSCAPE allows us to quickly mobilise teams around the country or across the globe in order to help our customers.

Luke Kennedy
Service Delivery Manager Veda

Hosted is not Cloud - The Genuine SaaS Checklist

The six points below provide a useful guide to what 100% SaaS should ALWAYS deliver for Contact Centres. Use it as a checklist to ensure you are getting real SaaS value.

Our Promise – the ipSCAPE Service Guarantee

ipSCAPE is dedicated to providing a reliable and feature-rich service.

If for whatever reason, our uptime should fall below 99.99%, we believe you shouldn’t pay for a service you didn’t receive. This is where our Service Guarantee comes in.

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