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Advanced business intelligence and analytics software to make better decisions faster and get the most out of your business’s data.

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ipSCAPE’s combination of live reporting with real time control means you can respond immediately to market or customer demands. All agents are managed on the same Real Time Reporting suite which allows metrics to be standardised.

Real Time Reporting

Advanced, to-the-second reporting is a standard feature and uses secure URLs that can be shared internally or externally, if required. This URL-based approach means that all reports/dashboards/wallboards can be accessed in real-time from any device (PC, wallboard screens/LCDs and tablets) with an internet connection.

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Historic Reporting Tool

Historic reporting data is available from the first time ipSCAPE is used. This data can be viewed through the reporting module which provides 35 report templates for both historical data as well as real-time wallboard data.

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The Power of Analytics

ipSCAPE understands how important Business Intelligence is any Contact Centre. To help you get greater value and insight from your data we’ve added YellowFin’s* industry leading data analytics solution to our Reporting Module. YellowFin’s advanced analytics software will help you visualise and analyse your data quickly and intuitively.

* not all features available in all markets

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35 standard reports and templates

Get started fast by using one of ipSCAPE’s prebuilt, proven report templates as a standard approach

Threshold alerts

Threshold alerts can be set against the primary Key Performance Indicators in your reporting suite

Live URL-based wallboards

All wallboards can be accessed through a secure URL which means they are device agnostic and can be viewed from any location

URL-based reports for any mobile device

Reports can be accessed by Supervisors, Managers and Executives from any location with a data link

Unlimited custom reports and templates

Meet more sophisticated reporting needs by creating fully customised reports and dashboards

Industry leading Business Intelligence software

YellowFin’s advanced Business Intelligence software will help you make better business decisions faster (YellowFin not available in all markets)