Call Recording

Maximise call centre efficiency and never lose track of a customer conversation or contact while creating quality customer experience with our call recording software.

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Recording phone conversations is a compliance requirement in some businesses – and a choice other businesses make to improve agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Connected to your CRM database

Whatever the situation, ipSCAPE manages your call recordings effectively and can also be set to save a link to the recording on the contact record within a CRM database.

Agents can be given the authority to pause the call recording while on the call if sensitive information is being captured or the customer requests the call not to be recorded. This authority is defined by the Administrators at a campaign/queue level.

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Voice Recording as Standard

ipSCAPE’s Voice Recording files are available via a secure web site within seconds of call completion.

All calls and identifying data are recorded in ipSCAPE as standard. Administrators can search for calls as soon as a call is wrapped via the Online Search tool using a number of search parameters.

If required, the recording function can be disabled in minutes at an organisation, campaign or agent level.

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Record all calls as standard

With ipSCAPE there’s no extra charge for call or contact recordings.

Integrate with CRM

The secure voice recording can be linked to the customer's record in your CRM.

Encrypt call recordings

Ensure security levels with encrypted recordings.

Advanced online search engine

Our easy-to-use online search engine helps you find the right call recording quickly and easily.

Associated call details

Critical information such Campaign (Queue), Agent ID, Caller Number, Wrap Code, Number Called and unique Call ID are attached.

Call Recording storage

Recordings are accessible from the Workspace module. After 3 months these can be archived at a cost.