Email Marketing Campaigns

Create email campaigns easily with ipSCAPE’s email marketing software and use customizable templates to grow your business and better engage your customers.

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The ‘digital customer’ is maturing fast. Email now accounts for more than 20% of global customer interactions and will keep growing over the next 3-5 years.

Agent Toolbar

ipSCAPE delivers an easy to use email tool which is integrated into the agent toolbar. This allows agents access, search and respond to email contacts from the same toolbar they use for voice, live chat and SMS.

This means they are more productive and can manage blended multi-channel campaigns quickly and more accurately.

It also means you can prioritise your customers regardless of on which channel they choose to contact you.

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Real time Reports

You can regulate and manage your email campaigns second by second. Real time reports highlight agent and campaign performance; and you can consolidate all results and into a single live WallBoard which is displayed on mobile or fixed devices.

Email templates deliver greater messaging consistency and improve agent productivity. Supervisors can review email replies in real time and reallocate or amend as required.

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Simple, easy-to-use email campaign builder

ipSCAPE’s easy-to-use DIY software means you can set up new campaigns in hours – no 3rd parties or IT required

All-inclusive pricing

ipSCAPE's single price includes all voice and digital channels - so there's no extra cost or risk for testing email.

Flexible pricing

Usage based pricing that scales up or down with your business growth.

Email templates improve performance

Standard and customisable templated responses improve the speed and accuracy of your agents' work and protect your brand.

Manage results in real-time

Real time dashboards and analytics help you track campaign performance by the minute and adapt as needed.

Single agent toolbar

With ipSCAPE your agents manage all interaction through a single toolbar which improves agent productivity and speed of training.