Omni-Channel Integration

Efficiently integrate your CRM system with your  contact centre operations. We help your business to deliver the a seamless Omni-Channel experience.

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Integrating ipSCAPE with your CRM or Service Desk application enables your business to deliver personalised interactions and gives you a single customer view which is always up to date and which optimises the customer relationship.

Integrated Contact Centre & CRM Platform

Many contact centres also have other systems running in parallel – like Payment Gateways or third party reporting systems. The integrated contact centre and CRM platform presented on a single agent screen increases productivity and reduces manual errors.

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Cloud-based System

ipSCAPE’s cloud delivery platform means that integration with other web based databases such as or ServiceNOW can be completed within days and at minimal cost – in contrast with on-premise or hosted solutions where similar integrations are time consuming and often expensive.

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Reference the IVR input of the customer

ipSCAPE can track the customer’s IVR journey and record those details in the CRM.

CTI and screen pops

Customer details are presented to the agent in real-time which reduces call handling time and improves satisfaction

Link to call recording

Automatically record Call Outcome, Call Duration, Call Notes and location of Call Recording in the CRM.

Skills, campaign and rapport based routing

Customers can be routed the most appropriate agent based on profile and previous activities.

Rapid integration

Delivered in weeks not months at a fraction of the cost of traditional integration projects.

Outbound dial from CRM records

Agents can dial from their CRM application – reducing time and manual errors.