Outbound Dialler

ipSCAPE’s automated outbound dialler improves contact rates, increases agent productivity and reduces customer wait times.

Calls are only connected to an agent when a customer answers the phone to increase the talk time for agents.

ipSCAPE can help you drive sales and increase revenue with our comprehensive range of diallers including:

  • Preview Dialler
  • Predictive Dialler
  • Progressive Dialler
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Don’t waste time on manual dialling: accelerate and maximise sales with our flexible automated dialler and increase your effectiveness and results.

Customise your Outbound Dialler Strategy

ipSCAPE’s dialler strategy can be customised. ‘Predictive Adaptive Mode’ aligns live outbound campaign call ratios to agent call answering ratios. So if your agents are busy it slows down; if you have extra resource, it accelerates. If you want the benefits of preview with increased efficiency – simply mix and match by setting a limit to the preview time.

Our ‘Leads Module’ also gives you the ability to easily load lists into your dialler and contains smart functions such as validation tools for phone numbers.

‘List Weighting’ provides the ability for you to load different lists and appropriate priority for each, giving you more control of your dialler strategy.

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100% Software as a Service model (SaaS)

There is no needing to install or maintain the server. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based business model means agents can be located anywhere at any time with voice and data connection. All wrapped up with flexible pricing that aligns 100% with revenue growth.

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Multi-number dialling

Increase campaign productivity quickly and effectively by dialling multiple client records.

Answering machine detection

Improve your connection rate to live customers by screening out answering machine contacts.

Preview dialler

Give agents more control by providing visibility of the customer record prior to initiating the call.

Predictive adaptive dialler

Align live outbound campaign call ratios to agent call answering ratios to maximise campaign effectiveness.

Auto preview dialler

Setting a clear time limit for agents on preview mode to review customer information will increase their productivity

List loader

Reduce data errors and improve productivity with the list loading process.