PCI Compliant Phone Payments

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard has been designed to ensure that all companies who accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. ipSCAPE PAY is a cloud-based contact centre payment solution which enables your agents to take payment transactions using credit card information over the phone in a secure, PCI DSS compliant manner.

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Collect Credit Card information over the phone in a secure, PCI DSS compliant manner whilst maintaining voice communication with your customers.

The agent can see a visual status of the payment process, while no visible information or audible tones are presented.

An Improved and Secure Customer Experience

ipSCAPE PAY provides a clear, secure and easy way to handle payment transactions over the phone. Maintaining customer communication for the call duration ensures the best customer experience.

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Cost-effective Solution

Thanks to the cloud-based nature of ipSCAPE PAY, setup is minimal and is billed on a per transaction basis, eliminating the need to allocate large budgets, internal resources or create costly projects to meet PCI compliance.

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Agent Assisted Payment

Credit card payments can be taken either with an agent or self-serviced through an IVR, allowing customers to choose their preferred payment method.

CRM Integration

Integrate ipSCAPE PAY with your CRM solution. Access ipSCAPE PAY directly through your CTI Adaptor. Increase agent efficiency and reduce human errors via configurable pre-populated fields (for example: amount, invoice).

Financial Institution Configuration

New or current financial institutions can be changed on demand. Multiple financial institutions and merchant accounts can be managed.

Real-time Purchase

The outcome of the transaction is sent in real time, whilst the customer is on the telephone.


Convert each transaction into a token which can be used later for processing payment in a secure manner.


Put a temporary “hold” on the funds that last for five days.