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Don’t miss out on using the most popular digital channel. Improve your online customer experience and get even closer to your customers with real time live chat software for your website.

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Live Chat Software is one of the fastest growing communication channels on the planet, with some industry experts predicting that it will be more important in the customer experience than social media.

Higher Conversion Rates and Sales Revenues

Research shows that customers using live chat have higher conversion rates, buy more and provide higher customer service scores.

This is because Live Chat meets their needs – it’s on the spot to help them at the time they have a query.

Live Chat also increases your productivity. Agents can manage campaigns across multiple channels and each agent can manage multiple customers via Live Chat rather than just one on the phone.

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Test Live Chat Software with ipSCAPE

It’s easy to put Live Chat Software on your website – and it comes bundled with the ipSCAPE solution. This means it’s a cost effective way of testing how important it is to your customers and how they want to use it. It can be activated in minutes, and you’re in control so you can move your agents from Voice to Chat to Email and back seamlessly, in line with customer demand.

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Live click-to-chat

Install ipSCAPE’s live chat solution quickly and easily on your website and give customers the option to chat with your agents through branded chat windows.

Live Chat response templates improve performance

Standard templated responses improve the speed and accuracy of your agents work and protect your brand.

Branded Live Chat windows

Configure your Chat Windows to match your website branding.

Visible and searchable Live Chat history

Ensures your agents never lose the thread of a customer conversation.

Wrap to email or voice call-back

Link live chat outcomes to next steps in the customer journey by using wrap codes which activate email or voice call-backs

Automatic greeting message

Respond fast to customers and use agent time more effectively with automated greetings.