Case Studies

See what our customers have to say about their experiences using the ipSCAPE SaaS.

Hear our customer’s experiences on migrating to ipSCAPE’s cloud based software.
Hear what our customers have to say about the benefits of on-shore service and responsiveness.
See what our valued customers have to say about the ease of scalability and agility.
See how our customers have reduced operational costs and improved their efficiency.

The pay-as-you-go model was incredibly attractive to us. We now have a powerful and scalable contact centre that is also incredibly cost efficient.

Through ipSCAPE, the insurance company has been able to scale their contact centre up and down instantly (without having to purchase extra equipment) to match the growth and fluctuations of the business.

ipSCAPE’s hosting and support services enabled Laithwaite’s Wine People to address their critical requirements and increase its customer base rapidly.

White Papers

Download our white papers for more information on how cloud technology can benefit your contact centre operations

As more and more organisations start to adopt the cloud model for delivery of their customer contact services, the cloud contact centre market will experience a CAGR of 35.4 percent between 2014 and 2021.

Move your Contact Centre to the Cloud: The cloud delivery model has transformed the way that businesses buy and use many different types of technology.


Our webinars provide insights into the latest features, software functionality, segments and trends in contact centre technology.

Feb 2018

How can speech analytics help us if 90% of communication is non-verbal?

Speech Analytics is one of the fastest growing and exciting segments of contact centre technology.

March 2018

How smart is your Call Routing?

It’s very easy to get confused by all the different inbound IVR routing techniques and approaches currently available, particularly when it comes to intelligent routing.

April 2018

How to predict the future using WFM software

Predicting the future is no mean feat, yet we are regularly asked to do just that in relation to workload, call volumes and staffing levels.