Digital Customer Service

Differentiate your business by giving your customers all the latest digital channels they demand and deserve - all included in one SaaS based price.

Do you provide Digital Customer Service?

“Ten years ago there was no web chat, smart phone apps, social media and very little email. Today digital interactions account for over 35% of all interactions and at the current rate will overtake voice in two years’ time” - Merchants 2015

How ready is your Contact Centre to adapt – to do more digitally and less through voice? Do you know what your customers want from digital and self-service channels? Have you tested the operational impact of new digital channels like web chat, email and self-service?

With ipSCAPE’s all-in-one technology, we don’t charge you extra for new channels and we only charge you for what you use. Our pure SaaS commercials means no fixed overheads.

Cloud drives innovation – because you can test and learn quickly. You can cost effectively offer your customers a range of contact channels. Trial the effectiveness of blended voice, email, web chat and SMS channels with no risk. Real-time reporting, dashboards and drill-down analytics from Yellowfin will showcase your success and you can change your channel strategy at any time in direct response to customer feedback.


Single digital toolbar

With ipSCAPE your agents manage all interaction through a single toolbar which improves agent productivity.

All-inclusive pricing

ipSCAPE's single price includes all voice and digital channels – so there’s no extra cost or risk testing digital.

Low-risk digital strategy testing

With no extra cost and no committed contract there’s no reason why you can’t start testing digital today.

Manage results in real-time

Real-time dashboards help you track your digital campaign performance by the minute and adapt as needed.

Launch campaigns in hours

ipSCAPE’s easy-to-use DIY software means you can set up new digital campaigns in hours – no 3rd parties or IT teams required.

Improve service levels

Create a more consistent level of customer service through email and web chat templates and an advanced scripting engine.

Sophisticated business analytics

YellowFin’s brilliant analytics tools help you make better business decisions faster about your new digital strategy.


Integrate your contact centre with all CRM applications to create a single source of truth about your customer.

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