Fund Raising

Create more efficient, economic fundraising campaigns and optimise client services with real-time information, targeted donor insights and fully recorded transaction histories.

Do you need to improve the performance of Fundraising teams?

If you’re raising money, you want as much as possible to be going to the cause, not your technology provider. ipSCAPE helps our fundraising clients deliver more effective, more profitable campaigns.

How? The Outbound Dialler increases sales by improving donor contact rates and agent productivity.  Real-time reporting, dashboards and drill-down analytics from Yellowfin give immediate insight – so you’ll always know how you’re tracking towards your donation targets.

Give your agents the right tools to deliver excellent service with third party application integration so they have agency, volunteer and donor information at their fingertips.

Digital and social media have added a new dimension to many fundraising campaigns. Never before have organisations been able to access so many potential donors so quickly. With ipSCAPE you can create new digital campaigns in hours – all at no extra cost.

The ability to access agents in any location also gives you the opportunity to integrate teams of remote or home-working agents to support short term, high volume campaigns – or to access specialist skills. The virtual contact centre is now a reality.


Increase fundraising sales and donations

Advanced cloud dialler technology improves contact rates, agent productivity and revenue growth.

Manage results in real-time

Real time dashboards help you track campaign performance by the minute and adapt as needed.

Launch campaigns in hours

ipSCAPE’s easy to use DIY software means you can set up new campaigns in hours – no 3rd parties or IT required.

Flexible pricing

Usage based pricing that scales up or down with your business growth.

Low-risk digital strategy testing

With no extra cost for digital channels there’s no reason why you can’t start testing digital today.

Access remote agents in minutes

When volumes spike or specialist skills are required you can quickly access remote agents.

Advanced predictive- adaptive dialler

ipSCAPE’s advanced predictive-adaptive dialler tracks and amends customer connection rates in real-time.

Sophisticated business analytics

YellowFin’s brilliant analytics tools help you make better business decisions faster.

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