Helpdesk and Technical Support

Give your helpdesk and technical support teams the peace of mind that they will always have access to the tools they need to deliver excellent customer service.

Do your Helpdesk or Technical Support teams
have the right service tools?

ipSCAPE’s cloud solution gives Helpdesk and Technical Support teams the peace of mind that they will always have access to the very latest tools they need to deliver excellent customer service. All the channels and features are delivered for a single agent price and our regular software upgrades are free of charge.

Integration with third party applications improves the service experience and increases first call resolution.

All contacts on the platform are recorded as standard and can be accessed seconds after the call is completed – enabling rapid dispute resolution. Self-service and IVR solutions allow routine enquiries to be quickly resolved – leaving your agents to manage more complex calls.

Real-time reporting, dashboards and drill-down analytics from Yellowfin give immediate insight and the 100% cloud platform also means you can scale software capacity and agents quickly when contact volumes spike. Supervisors and agents can be located anywhere in the world that has a voice and data connection.


Take control of the contact centre

ipSCAPE’s easy to use, easy to control, self-service software gives you real-time control of the customer experience.

Scale inbound capacity in seconds

When inbound call volumes spike you can quickly allocate more agents or move to IVR self-service.

Self service IVR improves service levels

Easy to use IVR options improve customer resolution times and free agents for complex task.

Manage results in real-time

Real-time dashboards help you track campaign performance by the minute and adapt as needed.

Launch campaigns in hours

ipSCAPE’s easy to use DIY software means you can set up new campaigns in hours – no 3rd parties or IT required.

All-inclusive pricing

ipSCAPE's single price includes all voice and digital channels - so there's no extra cost or risk for testing digital.

Improve service levels

Create a more consistent level of customer service through templates and an advanced scripting engine.

Sophisticated business analytics

YellowFin’s brilliant analytics tools help you make better business decisions faster.

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