Outbound Contact Centre

Accelerate sales with flexible, easy to use technology which scales up or down with demand.

Do you run an Outbound Contact Centre team?

60% of our customers run Outbound contact centres. They chose ipSCAPE because it helps them increase sales quickly and cost effectively.

Our sophisticated and flexible predictive Dialler technology will improve your contact rates. With increased agent productivity you’ll also reduce customer wait times.

New campaigns can be launched in days; real-time reporting, dashboards and drill-down analytics from Yellowfin means you can track sales performance live.

CRM integration gives your agents the latest customer information: combine that with advanced scripting, and you’ll improve conversion rates while remaining in control of your customer interaction quality.

Want to have the right agents and skills regardless of location, and scale rapidly?

ipSCAPE’s 100% cloud SaaS model means agents can be located anywhere in the world with a voice and data connection – or switched between campaigns instantly. Real-time agent activity, performance statistics and integration with scheduling tools provide everything a Supervisor needs to administer and manage a virtual contact centre team without needing to involve IT departments.


Increase sales and profit

Advanced cloud dialler technology improves contact rates, agent productivity and sales.

Flexible pricing

Usage based pricing that scales up or down with your business growth.

Improve conversion rates

Your agents are only connected to live customers which improves sales and agent satisfaction.

Improve agent productivity

Your dialler strategy can be changed in real-time to improve campaign and agent performance.

Scale technology with revenue

You only pay for ipSCAPE when your agents are logged in and using the technology.

Manage results in real-time

Real-time dashboards help you track campaign performance by the minute and adapt as needed.

Access remote agents in minutes

When volumes spike or specialist skills are required you can quickly access remote agents.

Sophisticated business analytics

YellowFin’s brilliant analytics tools help you make better business decisions faster.

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